Brain Integration

Life is unpredictable.  Whether you experience change through gains like a new career or new family member or losses of anything or anyone important to you, you can bet you’ll feel stressed.  Appropriate stress in tense situations is normal because it allows us to do what is required for survival.  When that stress continues for long periods of time, however, it can lead to us feeling anything but well.

To address long-term stress, energetic kinesiological techniques are applied once a client’s goals have been identified.  Since our muscles are controlled though our subconscious, gently testing the resistance of certain muscles can allow for a more personalized solution.  All of this works through the knowledge of vibrational frequencies that surround us. When vibrational frequencies are out of balance, stress rises on many levels.  By combining the mudras of Indian Nadis, the knowledge of the Chinese Meridian System found in eastern medicine, and the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, up to date neurological research in western medicine, correcting vibrational imbalances may reduce overall stress while increasing well-being and mental fortitude.

Goals must be considered along with the specific stress.  What you want matters.  Do you know what you want?

Reasons to schedule an appointment:

  •  Decrease physical discomfort
  •  Improve your ability to cope with frustrations in life
  •  Enhance academic & occupational performance
  •  Reduce symptoms of anxiety

Elevated Wellness of the Ozarks, LLC is happy to help you with your goals by providing a safe, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere all without the use of drugs, supplements, or long-term commitments.  Call (417) 353-6911 to book your appointment.