My Journey

They say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemondade."  What if you don't want lemonade though?  Other options have to exist, right? 

Several years ago, seeking out alternative options became my passion.  You see, before I stumbled upon Energetic Kinesiology, our daily lives were an intense struggle.  I personally battled unbearable pain on random days which left me physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Surgery was recommended, but wasn't possible in that season of life.  Meds helped temporaily except the side effects were worse than anticipated.  To cope, I compensated by reducing and delegating as many responsibilites as possible and wrote everything down just to hopefully remember the next thing to do.

My kids were also struggling.  One child suffered a concussion that left him with a 10-minute delayed response time to answering questions. We waited 10 months for an appointment with a neuropsychologist to help us determine what type of special services were needed going forward. The other child was struggling academically. Even simple tasks took way longer than they should have leaving us little time for much else.  The pediatrician said there was no need to worry about it and he'd grow out of it which didn't help him now and the optomotrist prescribed glasses which didn't seem to help anything either. Finding joy in the midst of these challenges was hard and required my continuous search for alternative solutions.

Energy Kinesiology was the key to help us with our struggles and it did so without surgery, meds, or special services. My painful tumors were eliminated with the help of Specialized Kinesiology and another modality known as the McCrossin Brain Integration Techique helped me to recall my grocery list even when it gets left at home.  The concussion symptoms for my son were almost completly reversed so much so that the neuropsychologist couldn't believe it considering all the medical records stating otherwise.  Upon integration, my other child was amazed to discover that each tree was filled with specific, individual leaves which meant his vision was never the the problem considering he was wearing glasses; rather his visual perception was skewed. Logical behavior kicked in almost immediately. Wet towels were hung on the towel rack, organizing his belongings, among other things were handled with ease because now he could perceive that it was needed for his own good and not simply because I told him to do it.  Each of us were more present, focused, and calm.  It saved us lots of money and time.  Life certainly changed for the better!

The experience was so incredible, I pursued training for each of these modalites and discovered an easier way to offer hope to just about anyone who had lost it.  In March 2017, I founded Elevated Wellness of the Ozarks, LLC to serve clients near and far.

There will never be one solution to address every problem.  Sometimes you need options to help you move toward your goals.  If you want more out of yourself or your loved ones and wish to do it without drugs or long-term commitments all the while experiencing a gentle approach in a relaxed environment, it would be my privilege to be a part of your journey. Call today (417) 353-6911 and let's get started.