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Enhance your learning with Brain Integration.

The Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique is a drug-free alternative that addresses stress within the mind and body.  There is hope if you or someone you love often hears:

 > "Just try harder."  That's easier said than done if you lack the coordination to do so.  

 > "If only he would apply himself." Applying oneself to a task happens when a person can remember the task and have the tools, drive, motivation necessary to follow through.

 > "Pay attention!" Focusing becomes easier when auditory, sensory, physical, and emotional stresses are diminished.  

These types of stressors can be reduced in as little as 10-15 hours of Brain Integration.  Appointments are scheduled weekly for 1-2 hours per session following an initial assessment.  Client participation and a six-week follow-up appointment is required.  Tune-ups may be needed as necessary based on any future stress or injury.


ADD/ADHD Feedback:

“My daughter has a longer attention span, is more patient and calm and she completes projects.  Before integration, she was easily scared of noise like loud hand-dryers in bathrooms or people in costumes. Making eye-contact was a real struggle for her.  To complete a task she would need to look to me for guidance or further clarification because she was afraid to make a mistake.  Now, she can do more independently. Surprisingly, she started enjoying puzzles.  She would have never played with puzzles before.” –Mother of Jill, 6

"Remembering numbers for work became automatic.  Before integration, I would have to carry a journal around to remember the codes or reference different forms just to complete my reports.  Now, I can just do it and I have more time for other projects at work. That reduces my stress and I end up sleeping better at night.  I wake up the next morning and feel well rested and look forward to another day. I've even had more time to start a side gig for myself that I always wanted to do, but just never had the time or to do it." -Mr. Jones, 44



Dyslexia Feedback:

“We began integration on a two-week break from vision therapy.  When we returned, the doctor noticed my son’s eye tracking issues had improved so much that he no longer needed help with tracking at the office and sent us home with home exercises instead.  BIT ended up saving us money.” - Eric's mom

"I no longer write my letters backwards." - Reece, 9