Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS)

Stress occurs if many levels not just the mind.  SIPS addresses stress in the following areas:

  • Hip & knee imbalances impacting muscular, tendon, and ligament stress
  • Stress in neurolymohatic, neurovascular, limbic emotional systems
  • Dynamic Muscle Imbalances and releasing stress in Deep Switching and the Corpus Callosum 
  • Proprioceptive imbalances (improve spacial awareness)
  • Body Alignment Imbalances affecting the Atlas, Sphenoid Bone, Temporomandibular Joint imbalances, and Footpad Sensors imbalances in these areas may stress the eyes, ears, jaw, shoulders, hips, knees, leg length, and posture.

This is a gentle, drug-free approach that helps de-stress the body's position and movement.