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“I sleep better, am more energetic, have an increased sex drive, feel calmer, and am also less reactive to annoying behaviors.” -Anne, 34 

Concentration, time management, and moods have improved for my son. His teacher says he’s doing well now and he comes home with fewer bad behavioral reports. He is now motivated by positive reinforcement whereas before integration, we didn’t know how to motivate him. His self-confidence has soared.” – Mother of Owen, 9 

“We began integration on a two-week break from vision therapy. When we returned, the doctor noticed my son’s eye tracking issues had improved so much that he no longer needed help with tracking at the office and sent us home with home exercises instead. BIT ended up saving us money.” – Mother of Eric, 8 

“Our teenager had trouble making friends and he would have rather talked with adults than his peers. Toward the end of the integration process, not only did he gain friends, he went on his first date.” - Father of Joe, 14 

“My daughter has a longer attention span, is more patient and calm and she completes projects. Before integration, she was easily scared of noise like loud hand-dryers in bathrooms or people in costumes. Making eye-contact was a real struggle for her. To complete a task she would need to look to me for guidance or further clarification because she was afraid to make a mistake. Now, she can do more independently. Surprisingly, she started enjoying puzzles. She would have never played with puzzles before.” –Mother of Jill, 6 

“Before integration, I struggled to take tests which made recertification tests at work a big stress for me. No matter how hard I studied and trained, I could never pass the tests. Sometimes, I would freeze in the middle of a skill test and I could not remember the next step. The day after the initial integration, I passed an exam on the first try and was promoted.” –Mary, 42 

“Speaking to a group of people made me sick to my stomach and weak in the knees. It was the only part of my job that I hated. A few months after integration, my wife asked how work was going. She hadn’t heard of any complaints about talking over the intercom system. I had forgotten that I had ever struggled with that. It no longer bothered me.” –Rob, 40 

“Integration was worth the expense. I am more confident, can study more efficiently without re-reading information 4-5 times, and even received a promotion. Home life is less stressful too. Instead of getting irritated when my kids make a mess or forget to do their chores, I just get to the mess when I can or calmly remind them to clean up.” –Bill, 37 

“I suffered with anxiety, depression, and insomnia for years and managed it with a cocktail of medication. After integration and a healthy lifestyle, I’m off all meds and feel great!” –Claire, 36 

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