Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and on those around you. To cope, we compensate. Whether its limping along with an injury, using sticky notes everywhere to remember to complete the to-do list, or avoiding the stress altogether, compensating for stress costs time, money, and additional energy which may add stress to an already difficult situation. It’s a vicious cycle.

Even if projects are completed, some feel so tired and frustrated afterwards that they do not have the energy or desire to discover or enjoy their passions. For others, tasks may take so long that life can feel like it is all work and no play. Still some complete the task but never seem to be satisfied with their work. Adults and children alike can suffer the consequences of stress.

To break the cycle, the Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique, otherwise known as BIT, destresses the mind and body to increase your ability to accomplish simple tasks.

Here’s what a few clients with STRESS are saying:

“I feel calmer, sleep better, am more energetic, have an increased sex drive, and am less reactive to annoying behaviors.” --Anne

“Before Integration, I struggled to take tests which made getting a promotion difficult. No matter how hard I studied and trained, I could never pass the tests. Sometimes I would freeze in the middle of a skill review and could not remember the next step. The day after integration, I passed an exam on the first try and was promoted.” --Mary